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We need to change our Education Paradigms?

Sure, we need it!

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Think before you post

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Il Galateo ai tempi di Foursquare

Il tweet di Ezekiel 4sq facts: l’altra sera un’amica raggiunge il gruppo, casualmente in un caffè. “come hai fatto?” “ho visto su 4sq che eravate tutti qui” @ezekiel mi ha indotto a riflettere sulla privacy, sulla completa assenza della privacy in questi tempi. Inutile decidere di non segnare la nostra posizione, inutile resistere alla tentazione […]

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Internet of Things explained by Tim O’Reilly

We’re just starting to see the next wave: the Internet of Things. Every runner can monitor and share his performance just using the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. We can share our weight on social network just using a connected body scale like Withings. We can monitor and tweet sound pollution usign a simple iPhone + WideNoise […]

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Smart ads will reach us through our next Dash7 enabled smartphone

So, on near future we’ll never lost the last news, last event on the city. We’ve setup our dash7 enabled smartphone to looking around for every bites of news related to Jazz Concert or Gas Station Coupon. I’m driving down a street and I pass a smart poster pasted onto a building wall. This elicits […]

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Social Energy Meter on Neapolis – TG3

The WideTag Social Energy Meter allows the realtime monitoring, and collaborative management, of energy usage in households, and businesses, through an innovative suite of hardware and software platforms. (disclaimer: I’m involved with WideTag Inc )

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Are you a Linchpin? To not be one is economic and career suicide

Seth Godin on his last book, Linchpin (I’m not affiliate), explain why you need to became a “Linchpin“. But, what’s a Linchpin? A linchpin, as Seth describes it, is somebody in an organization who is indispensable, who cannot be replaced—her role is just far too unique and valuable. And then he goes on to say, […]

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