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iPhly an iPhone Radio Control model

There’s no limit on what you can do with your iPhone… iPhly let you control your RC model… Are you interested on iPhly? Hurry up! and Back this project on KickStarter.com

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Looking for A Hardware for the iPhone

Excited by the next rumored iPhone 4G’s feature, a RFID tag reader embedded, I’ve googled for “iphone hardware”. . The touchscreen interface seems better suited to sweeping gestures than tapping ones, although programs like Bebot have implemented clever workarounds. But with Apple opening up the iPhone’s dock connector to third parties, I wonder: Couldn’t a […]

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Will the iPhone be the Swiss knife of the Smartphone market?

As reported by ReadWriteWeb, there’s rumor about the RFID reader feature of the next iPhone, the 4G’s. So, it’s seems that the iPhone will be a platform for an huge different field: as a mobile self-payment system, or as chemical detector and as a RFID tag reader. According to a number of believable blog reports, […]

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U.S. App store: growth and trends of Applications

An interesting view of the growth and the trends of iPhone Apps on U.S. App Store, by Ben Lorica – O’Reilly Radar. One crude measure for the relative complexity of developing apps across categories is to compare the number of apps per seller. The Top 5 categories in Nov/2009, were Books (17 apps per seller), […]

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WideNoise one of the Top 10 Internet of Things Products of 2009

As business developer of WideTag Inc. I’m proud of the WideNoise inclusion on the Top 10 Internet of Things Products of 2009. The iPhone is a fertile ground for Internet of Things, as a product called WideNoise shows. WideNoise is an iPhone application that samples decibel noise levels, displaying them on an interactive map.With the […]

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Health 2.0: iPhone Sensor by NASA Ames Research Center

A Dream or a Nightmare? Just an iPhone and a small Chemical Sensor to read your Health status… it’s so interesting and awesome! Jing Li, a physical scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., along with other researchers working under the Cell-All program in the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate, […]

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Internet of Things & Food Traceability

MacManus reported on ReadWriteWeb that IBM will launch an iPhone app named Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs will give consumers access to information about grocery food items. It’s seems just another iPhone app, but Breadcrumbs will show how Internet of Things will spread on our life. The larger trend here is the convergence of smart phones with the […]

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