Smart ads will reach us through our next Dash7 enabled smartphone

So, on near future we’ll never lost the last news, last event on the city. We’ve setup our dash7 enabled smartphone to looking around for every bites of news related to Jazz Concert or Gas Station Coupon.

I’m driving down a street and I pass a smart poster pasted onto a building wall. This elicits a beep from my phone, because my phone has passively scanned the poster and discovered something that I want to be notified about (I’ve opted into receiving notifications only about certain things). Because it’s against the law where I live to check my mobile phone while driving, I wait till I’m parked and then I check what the beep was for. Turns out that one of my favorite bands is playing in the city tomorrow night! The smart poster I’d driven past was an advertisement for that band. So I then proceed to book a ticket, using my phone of course.

(source: What’s Next For Mobile Apps? )

I’m just thinking about a Dash7 App for self-broadcasting FuoriSalone events here on Milan.

This scenario will be driven by Dash7 app based on WideSpime infrastructure (disclaimer: I’m involved with WideTag Inc.)

WideSpime enables the rapid and scalable development of dependable solutions based on Social Hardware and services.

WideSpime 2.0

WideSPIME is a fault-tolerant, distributed and high-concurrency environment for building applications that can take advantage of existing cloud architectures. Its horizontal scaling and entrypoint independence allows the design of applications fully taking advantage of modern hardware architectures.

Dash7 is a wireless sensor networking standard that may play an important part in next-generation mobile services – including location-based services, the Internet of Things and social networking.

DASH7 has a range of hundreds of meters and can be used while on the move.

Communication between two DASH7-compatible devices occurs when they are brought within approximately 300 feet of one another and a wireless “hand shake” is initiated by one or both devices. The underlying layers of DASH7 technology follow the globally implemented ISO 18000-7 standard. DASH7 can be used with a variety of devices, from stand-alone DASH7 “tags” that monitor goods flowing through an electronic company’s worldwide supply chain from China to Texas, to mobile phones that allow consumers to monitor the energy usage in their own home. The possibilities are endless, and DASH7 is sure to take the complexities out of today’s increasingly sophisticated “machine-to-machine” wireless landscape and make them simpler to use.

(source: Dash7 Technology)

Will the iPhone be the Swiss knife of the Smartphone market?

As reported by ReadWriteWeb, there’s rumor about the RFID reader feature of the next iPhone, the 4G’s.

So, it’s seems that the iPhone will be a platform for an huge different field: as a mobile self-payment system, or as chemical detector and as a RFID tag reader.

According to a number of believable blog reports, RFID is set to be a part of the as yet unannounced iPhone 4G. Apple holds a patent for a touch screen RFID tag reader and is said to be testing an RFID-enabled iPhone currently. So RFID could be a feature of the iPhone 4G as soon as Spring 2010.

(source: ReadWriteWeb – iPhone as RFID Tag & Reader: Coming Soon)

iPhone RFID: object-based media from timo on Vimeo.