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Smart Meter a way to help CO2 reduction?

Smart Meter may help CO2 reduction while puts you in control of your energy cost. By 2015 something like 250 million smart meters will be installed worlwide. According to a new report from Pike Research, more than 250 million smart meters will be installed worldwide by 2015, representing a penetration rate of 18% of all […]

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A dream or a pain?

SquareUp presents a new gorgeous mobile self-payment system. Something like a mobile wallet, with you everywhere! 0 to $60 in under 10 seconds. Start accepting payment cards immediately with Square. No contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Effortlessly manage all the money you take with an easy and intuitive interface. Create a Square payer account […]

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A threat for Apple TV?

A 150$ Cisco Router, together their Flip video camera, will be a threat for Apple TV? Cisco Systems, which acquired the Flip products in March, has come out with the FlipShare TV –- a set of products that helps people transfer their videos from a Flip camera to a PC and then to a television. […]

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Health 2.0: iPhone Sensor by NASA Ames Research Center

A Dream or a Nightmare? Just an iPhone and a small Chemical Sensor to read your Health status… it’s so interesting and awesome! Jing Li, a physical scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., along with other researchers working under the Cell-All program in the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate, […]

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BateoCamp 3 luglio: Venezia, HotSpot WiFi pubblico

Domani 3 luglio si terrà il battesimo della WiFi cittadina di Venezia. Ancora una volta Venezia si dimostra culla del rinnovamento. Nel lontano 2007 Venezia ha dato vita alla splendida iniziativa 40xVenezia. Il Comune di Venezia, tramite l’iniziativa CittadinanzaDigitale, ha reso disponibile l’accesso ad Internet tramite HotSpot WiFi in diverse aree pubbliche della città, come […]

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Augmented Reality for the mass

Just few years later and we will see a Policeman pointing at your plate on your car with his smartphone and so retrieve all info about your car, your driving lifestyle and so on. Int13 – Mobile Augmented Reality What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality is a new technologie wich provides a mean to blend […]

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Invisible User Interface: Gorgeous!

Fantastic! This will be the begin of a new UI Paradigma. 3D Computer Interface from Free Flow on Vimeo. “Utilizing the theory of electrostatics, we have designed a low-cost human-computer interface device that has the ability to track the position of a user’s hand in three dimensions. Physical contact is not required and the user […]

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