Augmented Reality for the mass

Just few years later and we will see a Policeman pointing at your plate on your car with his smartphone and so retrieve all info about your car, your driving lifestyle and so on.

Int13 – Mobile Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality is a new technologie wich provides a mean to blend virtual imaging into the video stream of a mobile device’s camera – in real time. This page presents the related int13 R&D work & projects. We strongly believe that Augmented Reality is a promising idea to enhance the player’s gaming experience in providing exciting new ways to control his actions, through position and 3D moves. Despite their limited computation power, we think handheld devices are the best choice if we want to provide a truly immersive Augmented Reality experience, as most of these devices have a camera on their back, just behind the screen, which is the only way to achieve see-through effect at mass-market cost.

Invisible User Interface: Gorgeous!


This will be the begin of a new UI Paradigma.

3D Computer Interface from Free Flow on Vimeo.

Utilizing the theory of electrostatics, we have designed a low-cost human-computer interface device that has the ability to track the position of a user’s hand in three dimensions. Physical contact is not required and the user does not need to hold a controller or attach markers to their body. To control the device, the user simply waves their hand above it in the air.

Well done guys!

User Interface: from WUI to WeUI paradigma

We’re on the beginning of a disruptive change on UI.
We can guess it just looking at this interesting MIT project related to new User Interface paradigma, WUW – Wearable Gestural Interface.

But, if with Web User Interface paradigma there are cultural differences and diffidence, i.e. Arabic or Japanese culture vs. Western culture, with this new interface will arise the new one, gestural kind of.

Just think how we use the gesture for communicate and how many different meaning of a particular gesture we have within different cultures.